Saturday, January 19, 2013

Don't Let It Sit

Don’t Let It Sit

I am going to be trying to divide my writing between two types from now on. I want the normal blogs to take on more of a professional tone with my thoughts. Then there will be the other, less promoted, stream-of-consciousness style blogs.
Coffee and writing mix well. I enjoy freeform thinking thoroughly.
Spent some time yesterday while lamenting my bust from the 2k to plan out this New Year some more. I wrote another schedule, much less demanding than the ones I can usually keep to for a week. Five days a week of lessons/video work, usually finished by the afternoon. Four days a week I put in a two hour work out.
Three days a week I write for two hours in something non-poker related. It doesn’t matter if it goes nowhere. Like going to the gym, it just needs to be done.
There’s a much more firm plan for the money coming in. A lot is going into a savings. I like seeing if I can do more with less from month to month. It’s satisfying allowing a lump sum to build up for an important purchase.
I thought I would be less stressed when money started coming in. I thought that throughout my whole journeyman career.
If anything, I was more stressed when it did come in. I had no idea what I was doing. My aspirations finally came to fruition and I had to admit I was totally unprepared.
My fiancé is on the phone with her mother, planning the wedding. My father is having a child with his wife at the same time. My Brazilian stepbrother will be being born almost exactly on the date we reserved months and months ago. That was bright. It doesn’t look like I can change it now.
Got my mom a laptop so she can watch movies she downloads. I’m amazed by how good of a laptop you can get from Samsung now for a low price. My mom loves it. Hope her fat ass dog doesn’t sit on this one too.
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